Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jo-Anne MacKenzie Editor of the Derry News In Criminal Misdemeanor Violation of NH State Law being investigated by NH Attorney General’s Office

Jo-Anne MacKenzie Editor of the Derry News In Criminal Misdemeanor Violation of NH State Law being investigated by NH Attorney General’s Office

Thursday October 7, 2010

Derry, NH--- Jo-Anne MacKenzie Editor of the Derry News is in some trouble with the law for potential criminal violation of NH State Law RSA 651.V.XII, which is a misdemeanor.

The NH law RSA 651.V.XII makes it illegal to report information on an individual who has had charges brought against them but where the charges were either dropped or a non-guilty verdict was reached and where the arrest and charges were later annulled and expunged.

Jo-Anne MacKenzie ran a story and Police Log in 2009 and again in 2010 that continue to run online that contained false and derogatory information about a NH man who was falsely charged with several crimes by the Londonderry NH Police Department in 2009, that were later dropped and a non-guilty for resisting arrest was reached unanimously by a jury of his peers.

                                                                  Jo-Anne MacKenzie
RSA 651.V.XII, reads as follows: A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if, during the life of another who has had a record of arrest or conviction annulled pursuant to this section, he discloses or communicates the existence of such record. The piece from Jo-Ann MacKenzie published as Editor of the Derry News and continues to be found online falls into this violation of NH State Law.
The charges were brought against the man by a Nashua, NH woman (Jennifer Keller) who was refused a rental apartment because she had several criminal convictions against her, was a drug addict and worked as a stripper. The woman filed assault and criminal threatening charges against the man and the Londonderry NH Police Department both failed to investigate the evidence in that case that would have exonerated the man and in many respects attempted to railroad the man.

Chief William Hart and four of his officers and one detective are currently being investigated by the NH Attorney General's Office Criminal Investigation Bureau regarding numerous violations surrounding this case. The officers and one detective include:(Officer Glenn L. Aprille, Officer Jason M. Archambault, Officer Kelly W. Kulig, Officer James J. Freda and Detective Donald A. LaDuke). Chief Hart could not be reached regarding a comment.

“Jo-Anne MacKenzie has destroyed this man's life by reporting information about the unidentified man that he was falsely accused of back in 2009, the man was cleared of all charges and received an annulment by a NH Superior Court," said Casey Clark, a close family friend of the man.
 "Jo-Anne MacKenzie should be held accountable for her actions in destroying this man's life. He has lost everything because of this case and continues to be persecuted by the Derry News. He lost his job, his house, could not find a job and the worst thing has attempted suicide, it's disgusting what this woman and her so called news organization have done, I hope she is convicted of the misdemeanor," said Clark.

Clark also stated that she believed that Jo-Anne MacKenzie did not run articles about bad cops being charged with crimes.

"There was a case where Londonderry Police Officer Jason Archambault was arrested in Manchester and charged with assault against his girlfriend. This is a charge that the public has a right to know about, yet even though it was reported directly to Jo-Anne MacKenzie, she never ran the piece. It is obvious that she will not run stories, the truth about the police, because she is in bed with the police, it is clear," said Clark.

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